This week I was endorsed by the Austin Chronicle. They have some very strong feelings about this race.

This week I was endorsed by the Austin Chronicle, and this is what they had to say about the race:

Democratic incumbents Steeg and Gonzalez face the standard Libertarian challenges, but we expect their qualifications and experience will rebuff that light opposition. More serious an issue is County Court at Law No. 6 Chief Prosecutor Randall Slagle’s effort to remove from office Republican Glenn Bass. The incumbent ran in 2010 only because he was pushed out of the Republican primary in HD-48, in a doomed attempt to challenge Rep. Donna Howard. Bass has no legal training, has mismanaged the office by failing to issue or enforce warrants for three years, and had to give his dogs away (and pay potential litigants) after four employees claimed that their boss’s pets bit them in the office. Travis County residents – of all political proclivities – deserve better than Bass.


Austin Chronicle Endorses Randall Slagle

Austin Chronicle endorses Randall Slagle


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